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These modules were created to inform you about newly emerging pest and disease problems in our home landscapes. The modules are open to Master Gardeners throughout the US as well as others who would like to learn about pests and pathogens in the landscape.

To begin the modules:

Click on the link in the left hand toolbar to create a new account. You will need to create a login and password to access these modules.

How do the modules work?

Each module has detailed information and pictures about a particular pest or pathogen. Click on each picture in the module to see an enlarged view. At the conclusion of the lesson you should complete the short quiz. The computer will indicate which questions you missed (but NOT the correct answers). You should retake the quiz until you receive a perfect score.  Next, you should then complete the short evaluation for the module. Upon completion of both the quiz and the evaluation, an editable certificate will allow you to add your name and the date and then print it.

Will Master Gardeners receive educational credit for these modules?

The printable certificate can be used to verify completion of the modules – just show it to your Master Gardener Coordinator!

In Illinois, each module is worth 0.5 hours of continuing education credit. You may return to the modules at any time to review the material but you may only claim the CEUs one time per module.

Master Gardeners from other states should check with their local Master Gardener Coordinator to be sure that the modules count for continuing education credit.

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